Magnis Automated NGS Library Preparation System

Diagnostech is excited to announce the Agilent Magnis Automated NGS library preparation platform!

The adoption and implementation of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) in both clinical and research laboratories has seen significant progress in the past several years. The use of massively parallel sequencing allows us to study and better understand samples at much greater depths than previously possible. Furthermore, NGS has enabled much greater sequencing output and whilst decreasing turnaround time from sample to variant.

Consistency, time, and sufficiently experienced lab personnel are challenging factors that current NGS labs face. Though automated library preparation solutions have been available for some time, the accessibility to previous solutions were mostly unfeasable due to affordability and complexity.

Agilent Technologies have addressed the said challenges, and have produced an automated solution that allows for ease of use, reproducible results, and throughput that can match requirements.

The Agilent Magnis NGS Prep System was designed to run complex NGS library assay with minimal technical knowledge and hands-on time – all with the press of a button. The system is comprised of an instrument, reagents, and protocols. With a footprint that accommodates a benchtop easily, the instrument self-detects and tunes; the reagents are provided pre-aliquoted; and the system comes with pre-set protocols for Agilent’s catalog and custom assays.


To find out more how a Magnis can make you NGS life easier, contact us for more info at