In our ever-enduring pursuit to be your preferred genomics partner, we are always on the lookout for ways that we can improve and enhance your genomics research. The field of genomics is evolving at breakneck speeds, and we at Diagnostech want to ensure that you are always on the cutting edge.

Through our endeavours have recently acquired the exclusive distributorship of Lucigen. This exciting acquisition allows us to provide you with more flexible and far-reaching genomics solutions. Furthermore, the Epicentre range of products is covered by the Lucigen portfolio.

Lucigen Corporation is working to improve people’s lives by providing quality products and services to life science and healthcare professionals. Founded in Wisconsin in 1998, Lucigen offers products and services that enable life-science professionals to perform their research and testing more efficiently and effectively. The company has grown to manufacture and sell over 325 biomedical research products and services to customers worldwide, all under an ISO 13485 compliant quality system.

The Lucigen and Epicentre product ranges complement the existing Agilent portfolio, with additionally specialised product offerings that are more suited for specific genomic applications. The extensive and comprehensive core competencies include enzyme evolution, protein expression, cloning, competent cells, next-generation sequencing (NGS), and molecular diagnostics.


If you would like a quote for any Lucigen solution, or if you are looking for that special something to enable you to better answer your research questions, contact us for a quote or send us a question. We here at Diagnostech love getting our hands dirty and our brains working!