Georgina Mbaye

Technical Sales Specialist – Pathology
Phone: +27 11 469 0097
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More about Georgina

Georgina is a qualified Histology Technician and has extensive experience in Anatomical Pathology Laboratories. Her expertise ranges from Specimen Grossing and Embedding to Microtomy & IHC staining. She has worked in the Pathology environment for the last six years, developing her career at Pathcare Labs, Lancet, Vermaak & Partners and QLab Inc.

In 2019 Georgina joined the corporate world and was employed by Epredia as the Technical Sales Specialist for sub-Saharan Africa. She has found her passion within sales and account management, and enjoys meeting and engaging with people, providing them with pathology solutions that she knows will have a positive impact on the health of the patient.

Georgina loves to learn and aims to continue her Biomedical Technology Degree as well as further grow her business skills with Business Development courses.

She enjoys spending quality time with her family and playing outdoor games. She also loves to read books, TV, travel, and, of course, her customers!