About Diagnostech

Diagnostech, established in 2005, has been the sole distributor for Dako, an Agilent Technologies Company, in southern Africa for almost 2 decades, with our territory now including more than 34 African countries. Agilent Technologies Inc. acquired Dako in 2012, and through this acquisition, Diagnostech became the official sole distributor for Agilent Genomics and Diagnostic solutions, including Dako Pathology and Flow Cytometry Solutions in South Africa. We have continued to grow and further expand our portfolio to include product offerings from HistoCyte Laboratories, LGC Biosearch Technologies, ArcherDx, Diagenode, 10x Genomics, LevitasBio, Milestone Medical and more.

Our extensive portfolio includes, but is by no means limited to:
  • Cell Enrichment
  • Cloning Vectors and Reagents
  • Companion Diagnostics (pharmDx)
  • Competent Cells
  • Controls
  • Control Antigens
  • Cytology
  • DNA/RNA Purification
  • Environmental Screening
  • Enzymes
  • Flow Cytometry
  • Frozen Sections
  • Genetic Sequencing
  • Genetic Trait Screening
  • H&E and Special Stains
  • Immunohistochemistry (IHC)
  • Macro Digital
  • Microarray Technology
  • Microbial Safety Testing
  • Molecular Pathology
  • Mutagenesis
  • Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS)
  • PCR, RT-PCR and qPCR
  • Plant-Pathogen and Virus Detection
  • Primary Antibodies
  • Protein Expression
  • Sample Handling
  • Single Cell Gene Expression
  • Spatial Transcriptomics
  • Synthetic Biology
  • Tissue Processing
Our vision and mission

Diagnostech is built on three strong foundational core values: Ethics, Service and Doing things properly. We do not take shortcuts, nor do we undervalue our offering by doing half a job. It is through respect for our colleagues and clients alike that we endeavour to do our best every day and to live our core value of service through resiliency, excellence and care.

Our strategically aligned partners

Diagnostech is committed to being your preferred molecular and pathology supplier. We are the sole distributor of a wide range of pathology, molecular and genomics portfolios in South Africa as well as in the majority of African countries. We strive to provide high-quality products, training and support for all our customers. Achieving this is possible through our strategic alliances and partnerships with world-class brands.

“Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) a global leader in life sciences, diagnostics and applied chemical markets is the premier laboratory partner for a better world. The company provides laboratories worldwide with instruments, services, consumables, applications and expertise, enabling customers to gain the insights they seek. Agilent’s expertise and trusted collaboration give customers the highest confidence in their solutions.”
Source: www.agilent.com

“HistoCyte Laboratories Ltd founders, Dr Ian Milton and Colin Tristram, share over 30 years of experience in the development of diagnostic products. Their novel technology allows them to produce and process cell lines into tissue-like controls manufactured to a reproducible standard and inexhaustible supply. Their aim is to deliver this cost-effective control material to laboratories looking to improve confidence in their results and ultimately the service they offer.”
Source: www.histocyte.com

“Lucigen Corporation is working to improve people’s lives by providing quality products and services to life science and healthcare professionals. Founded in Wisconsin in 1998, Lucigen offers products and services that enable life-science professionals to perform their research and testing more efficiently and effectively. Core competencies include enzyme evolution, protein expression, cloning, competent cells, next-gen sequencing, and molecular diagnostics.”
Source: www.lucigen.com

“Invitae is a genetic information company whose mission is to bring genetic information into routine medical practice to improve the quality of healthcare for billions of people. Specializing in genetic diagnostics for hereditary disorders, Invitae is aggregating the world’s genetic tests into a single service with better quality, faster turnaround time, and a lower price than most single-gene diagnostic tests today.”
Source: www.invitae.com

“LGC, Biosearch Technologies provide products and services for genomic analysis that support mission-critical applications for agrigenomics and diagnostics. At LGC we offer a full range of high-quality PCR reagents, custom genotyping assays, genomic services and workflow solutions for DNA sample preparation and downstream processing.”
Source: www.facebook.com/LGCBiosearch

“Diagenode is your dedicated supplier for sample preparation products for next generation sequencing, proteomics, and epigenetics research. Our experimentally-validated, easy-to-use solutions and services for RNA, DNA, chromatin, and protein analysis give researchers the confidence and success needed to achieve best-in-class results.”
Source: www.diagenode.com

“Twist Bioscience is powering the new bio-based economy with our synthetic DNA platform. We work in the service of people who are changing the world for the better in fields such as medicine, agriculture, industrial chemicals and data storage. Our innovative silicon-based DNA Synthesis Platform and NGS offering provide precision at a scale that is otherwise unavailable to our customers.”
Source: www.twistbioscience.com

“Agilent Dako help pathologists and clinicians make accurate diagnoses that help determine the most effective treatment for cancer patients. We are proud to be a renowned provider of complete pathology solutions and flow cytometry reagents, trusted by clinical laboratories around the world in the fight against cancer. Our Dako brand of high-quality diagnostic antibodies, reagents, instruments, software and expertise help hospitals and research labs around the world deliver accurate results to cancer patients.”
Source: www.agilent.com

“Unlocking a new dimension in cellular analysis. LevitasBio is advancing science and human health by providing researchers with a new and powerful method of cellular analysis. Magnetic levitation is the first truly novel approach to cellular analysis in 30 years. Extensive research has shown that cells of different types or states have unique physical signatures, levitating in predictable ways. The LeviCell systems offer a revolutionary workflow in its simplicity, speed, and reproducibility.”
Source: www.levitasbio.com

“Mastering biology to advance human health. 10x Genomics products have been adopted by researchers around the world, including all of the top 100 global research institutions, as ranked by Nature in 2019, and all of the top 20 global pharmaceutical companies, as ranked by 2019 research and development spend. Cited in over 2,500 research papers, our products have enabled discoveries across oncology, immunology, and neuroscience.”
Source: www.10xgenomics.com

“Milestone’s mission is to reduce patient anxiety by providing pathologists with technologies for same-day diagnostic results. Today, Milestone is proud to offer innovative solutions in six different fields: Frozen Section, Cytology, Sample Handling, Tissue Processing, Macro Digital and Reagents. All products aim to help patients and to create a better laboratory environment for the medical staff of both the Anatomical Pathology and Surgical Rooms.”
Source: www.milestonemed.com

“Medicinal Genomics Corporation is a pioneer in advancing the genomics of cannabis to build a stronger scientific foundation for cannabis-based products. The company’s unmatched expertise in genetic science helps cultivators, dispensaries, and testing laboratories characterize and understand the quality and consistency of cannabis to ensure patients and consumers have access to consistently safe, high-quality cannabis.”
Source: www.medicinalgenomics.com

“Manufacturer and provider of highly validated #antibodies targeting all human proteins. Building on their heritage with the #HumanProteinAtlas project, they provide highly validated reagents that enable leading research in biology, pathology and medicine for the purpose of understanding and improving human health.”
Source: www.atlasantibodies.com